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Pest Control

Be very careful when it comes to treating your crop for pests. Always deal with the problem before it occurs, thus preventing a big problem later. Be considerate and use one of the safe and effective treatments we have selected below. Chemical sprays can leave a very nasty aftertaste on your crop - please drop in to ask our staff for the latest details.

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Live Predators Live Predators

If you ever go to Wisley Gardens you'll see little vials of these guys all over the place. They're insects that eat other insects; a totally green way to get rid of pests. We supply commercial size packs 0f 2000 so you can be sure of winning the fight. It is very important to introduce the predators BEFORE you have an infestation in order to maintain control. Order time is approximately 1-2 days.
BUY2000 (Spider Mite) £29.00
BUYNematode (Fungus gnat) £50.00

 Gnat Off Gnat Off

If you ever see blackfly in your growroom take a closer look around the roots of your crop; you may see the larvae of fungus gnats. Whilst the black fly are merely annoying, the larvae do real damage, nibbling away at roots and allowing fungal disease to get a hold. Add Gnat Off to your nutrient solution and the special bacteria quickly wipe out the larvae. We've tried it and it works! Don't forget to use yellow sticky traps to catch the blackflly. One bottle makes 250 litres of nutrient solution.
BUYGnat Off 250ml £19.95

Sticky Traps Sticky Traps

Hang these traps up to attract flying bugs and to monitor what's in your grow room; an essential good housekeeping tool. Use blue traps for Thrips and yellow for other flying insects.
BUYBlue (pack) £6.00
BUYYellow (pack) £6.00

Neem Oil Neem Oil

A safe and natural bug eradicator with the added benefit of a long term repellant action against mites, thrips and many other insects. Spray onto plants ensuring all surfaces are covered, in 7-14 day intervals. Use mixed solution within 6 hours. Add 20ml per litre to warm water and shake well.
BUYNeem Repel 250ml £16.00

Spray Safe Spray Safe

Death to mites in 5 seconds flat! Super safe, super effective spider mite killer from Canadian Express. Simply spray on - leaves no harmful residue. More effective than Pest Off. Now supplied as a concentrate for easier shipping.
BUYSpray Safe 1ltr £10.00
BUYSpray Safe 5ltr £45.00
BUY500ml Concentrate(25ltrs) £95.00

Brimex Brimex

Brimex is an environmentally friendly aerosol spray manufactured from high-quality organic fatty acids. These fatty acids affect the resistance of harmful insects and provide an effective method of dispatch. The spray is 100% biodegradable. The aerosol provides super-fine droplet size for excellent coverage and penetration of heavy foliage. Brimex fights harmful insects such as spider mite, fruit flies, aphids and thrips and has been developed for use in combination with natural predators - just wait 24 hours.
BUYBrimex £10.00

Bio Defence Bio Defence

B'cuzz Bio-Defence treats bug and fungus problems from two unique angles. Supplied as two individual bottles, when applied together they help the plant naturally resist attack from a multitude of common insects and funguses. No harmful chemicals used, so you can be sure of a clean crop.
BUYBio Defence 50ml £12.00

Hotbox Sulfume Hotbox Sulfume

Put an end to bug and fungal attacks. The Hotbox Sulfume sulphur vapouriser helps to protect crops from fungal diseases such as Mildew, Botrytis and Black Spot. Greenhouse pests such as Spider Mite can also be controlled by vapourising sulphur. Unique temperature control; cannot overheat the sulphur to create damaging oxides, releases ONLY pure sulphur. Running current of 50w. Supplied with 2kg of sulphur.
BUYHotbox + sulphur £100.00
BUY2kg Sulphur £20.00

Fortefog P Fortefog P

Fortefog P Fumers are small smoke generators or smoke bombs that are easy use to stop, kill and eradicate crawling and flying insects such as aphids, bed bugs, carpet moths/beetles, clothes moths, fleas, cluster flies, fruit flies, house flies and mosquitoes. Effective for use in the greenhouse, the home and in roof voids, attics and lofts. Light like a candle and the smoke will infiltrate every nook and cranny where insect pests like to live and breed. A good idea is to leave wardrobe doors and chest of drawer drawer's open to let the smoke get into all stored items to make sure all insects are destroyed. Leave the treatment area closed for between 6-8 hours. Fortefog P Mini Fumers do not leave a smell or residue.
BUYFortefog P Mini £7.00
BUYFortefog P Midi £11.00
BUYFortefog P Maxi £28.00
BUYFortefog P Jumbo £56.00

Pyrethrum 5EC Pyrethrum 5EC

PYRETHRUM 5EC is an emulsifiable concentrate prepared from pyrethrum – nature’s own rapid-acting insecticide. PYRETHRUM 5EC controls aphids, blackfly, greenfly, caterpillars and white fly on organic flowers, fruit, and vegetables. For use outdoors, in greenhouses and on pot plants throughout the season.
BUYPyrethrum 5EC 250ml £30.00
BUYPyrethrum 5EC 100ml £15.00

Agrothrin Agrothrin

PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS FOR AMATEUR USE. KILLS AND DETERS BED BUGS, FLEAS, ANTS, CLUSTER FLIES AND MORE. Agrothrin is effective against a wide range of pests (please see below) with long lasting protection for your premises. 100% natural active ingredients based on extracts from African chrysanthemums with a convenient dusting pack for easy use. Agrothrin is ideal for pest control against the following bugs: - Ants - Carpet beetle - Cat flea - Confused flour beetle - Dog flea - German cockroach - Grain weevils - Indian meal moth - Mill moth - Oriental cockroach - Silverfish - Ticks - Tropical warehouse moth - Wasp
BUYAgrothrin 100g £7.00


Deon is a combination of anionic, cationic and amphoteric fatty acids, aromatic substances and plant extracts dissolved in water. These are derived from the Azadirachta indica. Its oil is very well known as an ingredient in organic (non-synthetic) insecticides. Deon is a spraymix which should, preferably, be used in the first weeks of the plant. Deon removes all plant pathogenic bacteria and fungi from the plant and creates a protective layer of wax around the leaves. By removing the plant pathogenic bacteria and fungi, the young plant is given a huge spurt in growth without there being any resistance. The lower shoots will also fully sprout, resulting in a beautifully full plant. Use Deon for a superb start of your plants, due to the increased resistance to disease and insects. Let your plants shine like never before with Deon!
BUYDEON 125ml £20.00
BUYDEON 250ml £35.00
BUYDEON 500ml £60.00

Nil Nat Nil Nat

Nil Nat is a biological control for Fungus Gnats. It is a microscopic crystal which, when eaten by the Sciarid Fly maggots, swells up in its gut, perforates the gut wall and kills the maggot. The first sign Fungus Gnat is usually an abundance of small 3-5mm long flies on the surface of the root ball or medium in which the plants are growing and by this stage the plant will be suffering. Each Fungus Gnat female lays 200 eggs in warm conditions. The eggs hatch out into maggots which immediately start eating the plant’s roots. These maggots, although they are small, are eating machines.
BUYNil Nat 20ml £20.00

Bio Blast Bio Blast

Bio Blast is a ready to use aqueous solution containing pyrethrins - nature's own rapid acting insecticide. Especially useful for blackflies on fruit and vegetables.
BUYBio Blast 1ltr £6.50

SMC Leaf Wash SMC Leaf Wash

SMC Natural Insect Eliminator is 100% organic, 100% safe and 100% effective. Based on specially blended plant extracts (coriander and canola), one bottle makes 4 litres of full strength solution.
BUYSMC 100ml £12.50

Nature's Neem Oil Nature's Neem Oil

Canadian organic foliar leaf shine with the added benefit of being deadly to insects. Also acts as a natural deterrent. Mix with warm water at the rate of 5-10ml per litre. Repeat every 5-7 days for a more vibrant plant.
BUYNature's Neem Oil 125ml £12.00

CannaCure CannaCure

A multi purpose, non toxic spray that stimulates plant growth, vitalizes leaves and controls pests and mildew. Effective control against whitefly, aphids, spidermites and mealybug. Provides the plant with a second natural skin that makes it impossible for pests and mildew to function properly.
BUYCannaCure750ml £12.00